YORK – There were a lot of candidates this year for Henderson City Council – and in the end, the three taking seats in 2019 will be Brian Hiebner, Matt Friesen and Stan Friesen.

The year started out with eight candidates going into the Primary Election. That was pared down to six for the General Election: Hiebner, Friesen, Friesen, Larry Burton, Jason Lewis and David May.

There was an extremely high rate of voting in the Henderson-Brown precinct, with 615 people going to the polls. York County Clerk Kelly Turner said this precinct has historically had high voter turn-out as this is one of the more participatory precincts in the county.

The candidates, prior to the election, were asked why they were running and if they had specific objectives they would like to accomplish.

Hiebner said, “I am running for city council as I have done this before 20-25 years ago and I felt it was time again to get involved with city affairs. Budget experience and job related experiences have prepared me to once again step forward to serve my community. I feel I have a no nonsense/common sense approach to solve issues and making sure city government is a help not a road block to community members and businesses. All important factors contributing to the health and welfare of a small rural community. Specific objectives, not really but areas of concern: city first impressions; clean well-kept yards, vacant dilapidated houses which could be sold and used for development, possible land acquisition for future housing, the continued need for quality day care, the lack of a community center which would serve all ages.”

Matt Friesen said he was running, “because there are positions open and I feel that I would be a good candidate with my past experience to fill a council position. The specific objective that I would like to accomplish is to listen to each concern of the residence find a solution to their concerns and consider how we can keep making Henderson a place where people would like to live.”

And Stan Friesen responded, “Henderson has been a home to me my entire life. I would like to be part of nurturing its growth and addressing its future needs. I believe my common sense approach will benefit our city. I would like to see the hospital and nursing home continue to grow. They are both a source of jobs for many and provide excellent healthcare to Henderson and surrounding communities.”

Henderson City Council vote totals

Three take seats

Brian Hiebner 356

Matt Friesen 268

Stan Friesen 187

Larry Burton 180

Jason Lewis 157

David May 121

Write-ins 6

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