YORK – A number of village boards races were contested in York County during this year’s General Election.

When it came to the Benedict Village Board, Aaron Reetz and Miranda Martin emerged as the winners, with 38 and 58 votes respectively. Amber Rediger was an official write-in candidate, but with the total number of write-ins totaling 23 she was not a seat-winner.

In Bradshaw, there were two seats open and two candidates. LJ McCormick received 58 votes and Terry Werth received 71.

In Gresham, there were two seats open. There were three candidates – Dan Otto, Tom Luettel and Kayla Kilgore. There was also one official write-in candidate, Edward Murray. Otto received 30 votes, Luettel received 59 votes and Kilgore received 46 votes, so all three will be seated on the village board. There were only six write-in votes.

In Lushton, Jason Balaban and Brian Saltzman were the winners, with 9 and 21 votes respectively. There were six write-in votes, but no official write-in candidates.

There were two seats available on the McCool Village Board and two candidates – Pat Wagner and Tom Hoarty. Wagner received 90 votes and Hoarty received 131. There were seven write-in votes, but there was no official write-in candidate.

In Thayer, there were two seats open but no candidates. Sue Foutz was a write-in candidate. There were several write-in votes, but their designations had not yet been confirmed by the county clerk’s office as those were hand-counted and not yet disclosed.

In Waco, there were two seats open and three candidates. The top vote-getter was Rick Pfeifer with 69, followed by Robert Naber who received 65 votes. The third candidate, Kenneth Kinney, received 44 votes.

Village Board totals

Benedict Village Board

Two seats

Aaron Reetz 38

Miranda Martin 58

Write-ins: 23

Amber Rediger (write-in) (the allocation of write-in votes has not yet been disclosed by county clerk)

Bradshaw Village Board

Two seats

LJ McCormick 58

Terry Werth 71

Gresham Village Board

Two seats

Dan Otto 30

Tom Luettel 59

Kayla Kilgore 46

Write-ins: 6

Edward Murray (write-in)

Lushton Village Board

Two seats

Jason Balaban 9

Brian Saltzman 21

Write-ins 6

McCool Village Board

Two seats

Pat Wagner 90

Tom Hoarty 131

Write-ins: 7

Thayer Village Board

Two seats

Sue Foutz (write-in) (the allocation of write-in votes has not yet been disclosed by county clerk)

Waco Village Board

Two seats

Kenneth Kinney 44

Robert Naber 65

Rick Pfeifer 69

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