The following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: How much does the city’s fire/ambulance cost property taxpayers? And can you tell us more about the financing for the fire/ambulance department?

A: According to information provided to the city council earlier by York Fire Chief Mike Lloyd, “based on the city’s total valuation, the fire/ambulance department costs property taxpayers only .02 percent. That is 2/100 of one cent of the total city valuation.

“In the 2017-18 budget, the cost of the fire/ambulance department for a $150,000 home is only $30 per year or $2.50 per month. In the 2018-19 budget (which is still preliminary), the cost is similar.

“The fire/ambulance department is a revenue generating department,” Lloyd said. “We have an interlocal agreement with York County to provide ambulance service to the county. In 2017-18, the revenue is $210,000 and in 2018-19 the revenue is $214,000.

“The department also has an interlocal agreement with the York Rural Fire District to provide service,” Lloyd continued. “The 2017-18 budget generated $66,542 and the 2018-19 budget will generate $68,538.

“Ambulance billing is always variable, however, in 2015-16, the department earned $509,845 and in 2016-17 it was $544,813.

“Without the Combined Communications line item added to the budget (for the future consolidated emergency communications center), the fire/ambulance budget expense is actually reduced by $131,627 from the 2017-18 budget. The amount needed from the general fund without Combined Communications is $977,986.”

Q: Who is on the Advisory Board for the City’s Park and Recreation?

A: The members are Karen Fillman, Ron Saathoff, LeRoy Ott, David Dohmen, Annie Redfern, Ben Royal and Jean Vincent.

Q: I think it’s time that the city looked into hiring a different auditing firm, and isn’t that something that should be done anyway? Shouldn’t a different set of eyes look at the audit every so many years?

A: During a recent council meeting, a York resident brought up the same idea.

“I think the auditor has been telling you what you want to hear,” Allen Pieper told the mayor, administrator and council, referring to past audit reports that were in the city’s favor. “Could you change auditors every three years or so?”

“I think that yes, that should happen,” said Mayor Orval Stahr.

“We have a new proposal out there this year for auditing services,” York City Administrator Joe Frei.

Q: Is the city contributing any city funds for the downtown redevelopment projects? I see people are applying for funds, and I know the money came from a grant, but I’m just curious as to whether any city money is in that mix.

A: There is no city match, there are no city funds being given to property owners for the downtown revitalization projects.

Q: Does anything happen at the auditorium? Just tell us what went on there last month, as an example.

A: According to the city’s departmental reports, there were 20 rentals at the auditorium during July, which included noon ball, church services, YPR programs, meetings, collectibles show, a birthday party, a bridal shower and a family reunion.

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