The following questions were recently asked on the Wonderline:

Q: The city is currently participating in a housing purchase/rehab/resale program. Can you explain this to us again how this works? I don’t think everyone understands it.

A: The following information about the housing purchase/rehab/resale program was provided by the York County Development Corporation:

“The City of York has received funding (through the Nebraska Department of Economic Development) for a Purchase/Rehab/Resale (P/R/R) program to upgrade the quality of existing housing stock within the specifically defined block grant area and to provide financial assistance for the purchase of safe, decent, single-family housing to low to moderate income home buyers. The goal is to assist persons/families in need, improve the availability of quality housing, and promote homeownership.

“How does the program work? The P/R/R program begins with an eligible person/family identifying a housing unit they would like to buy or the City of York may purchase a speculative property that is in need of rehabilitation in order to satisfy HUD HQS and local standards for existing housing quality.

“The City of York will purchase the unit, perform the necessary rehabilitation, and resell the unit to the applicant while also providing down payment assistance. Down payment assistance can be as much as 20% of the purchase price and takes the form of a deferred, no-interest loan on the property that is due on sale.

“What are the requirements? The annual household income cannot exceed the HUD guidelines established (see below). Homebuyers must invest at least $1,000 of their own funds towards the home purchase. Homebuyers need to obtain a mortgage loan from a lender of their choice. The homebuyer must reside in home as their primary residence during the life of the down payment assistance loan.”

What are the annual household income limits for eligibility? YCDC lists the following, with the first number being that of family size and the dollar figure being the maximum annual income:

* 1-$38,850

• 2-$44,400

• 3-$49,950

• 4-$55,540

• 5-$59,900

• 6-$64,350

• 7-$68,800

• 8-$73,200

“What repairs are eligible? Here is a short listing of some of the eligible repairs: structural, HVAC systems, gutters, water heater, electrical, plumbing, weatherization, general maintenance, handicapped accessibility, relieving overcrowding, safety and code deficiencies.”

If someone is interested and wants to learn more, they can contact the city offices, YCDC or the Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) for more information.

Lisa Hurley, director of the YCDC, pointed out that “this is a city program and grant. YCDC is assisting with it, because we realized that there needed to be a local entity to provide coordination. SENDD is the administrator. It will create a long-term revolving loan fund.”

Q: I’m reporting a lost wallet. If someone found it, they can bring it down to the YNT office and I will pick it up.

A: This isn’t a question but it was submitted to the Wonderline. So we will address this here. To be on the safe side, if someone found someone else’s wallet, they should take it to the police department and the police can be responsible for it until the rightful owner comes forward or they can contact the rightful owner to say they have it in their possession.

Q: How can I help with getting the auditorium on the historical registry? Is there a committee I can contact or who do I tell I’d be willing to help?

A: Mayor Barry Redfern and other city officials are actively putting together a group of interested people to pursue that avenue. The reader should maybe contact him or a council member.

Q: Is a public sidewalk in front of a residence to be maintained by the homeowner or by the city? I am referring to uneven sidewalks. If someone trips and falls due to an uneven public sidewalk, who is liable?

A: Sidewalks in front of residences are the responsibility of that property owner. Whoever owns the residential property is responsible for the upkeep of the sidewalk.

If a sidewalk is on public property, it is the responsibility of the government entity that owns it.

And the liability lies with the responsible party.

Q: We recently visited York as we came back to see family members. We haven’t been back for a while and wanted to say how much we enjoyed the new family aquatic center and the surrounding Mincks Park. It is really quite the place. It’s been a while since I’ve been back, so this was really the first time I experienced Mincks Park which I guess is new to me. What I’m curious about is who is the park named after? Was it named after a person who gave the city ground for the park? Is there significance to the name?

A: The park was named in honor of the late Lucile Mincks, who bequeathed $750,000 toward the construction of the family aquatic center there.

Mincks was born Oct. 7, 1914, on her family’s farm between York and Benedict. She attended school at District 85 (a rural classroom) and graduated from Benedict High School. She worked as a bookkeeper for Levitt Lumber Company in York for a period of time, and then upon the declining health of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Mincks, she stayed home to care for them and help out on the farm, along with her brother, Ralph. Mincks died Nov. 12, 1999, at the Hearthstone in York.

In her will, Ms. Mincks bequeathed millions of dollars to the York Community Foundation – to be used toward projects that would benefit the children of York County.

Besides the allocation for the aquatic center, there were also allocations made to the new swimming pool in Henderson, a new floor in the York City Auditorium, extensive work in the York Community Center for both the pool and museum areas, playground equipment at Miller and Harris Parks in York, the construction of the Holthus Field House at York College, work on the Benedict Community Center and playground area, improvements for the Benedict ball field, improvements in Gresham at the ball field and park, play equipment and ball park improvements in McCool Junction, more playground equipment in Thayer, funding for the York County Sports Authority and more.

Q: How many events were held at the city auditorium in May?

A: According to the city departmental reports for May, there were 35 rentals at the auditorium in May, including the high school’s all sports banquet, church services, pickleball league, York High School graduation, a wedding and a birthday party.

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