York College and the York General Wellness Center have entered into a partnership to promote wellness in York. Pictured in front of a banner at the Holthus Center are (back row): YC Assistant Softball Coach Kenny Miller, YC Athletic Director Matt Madole, York General Strength and Conditioning Specialist Jon Larsen, YC Track & Field Coach Justin Carver. (front row): YC Head Softball Coach Roni Miller, YC President Dr. Steven Eckman, York General CEO Jim Ulrich, and York General Wellness Director Chris Payne.

York College and the York General Wellness Center have entered into a partnership to promote wellness in York – and the location for that partnership is the Holthus Field House, located on the York College Campus.

As part of this partnership, York General will be investing in improvements to the Holthus Field House and the Baker Center weight training room, including facilities upgrades such as flooring and new equipment. These upgrades will expand access for community members who participate in wellness programs through York General.

Jim Ulrich, CEO of York General, stated, “Our mission at York General is regional excellence through enhancing health and providing accessible care — and it is a privilege to continue our partnership with York College to accomplish that.”

“Healthcare has certainly changed from solely treating illnesses to more wellness and preventative care,” he added. “This is definitely a great way to carry forward our mission through collaboration, and stretching the access to care out into the communities we serve. We are excited to build on this partnership that has great growth potential in the years to come.”

“We have had a long relationship with York General that has provided great benefits to our students. New leadership and interest from administration and staff there will elevate the services to our students to a new level,” said YC President Dr. Steve Eckman. “This new partnership will create more opportunities for both the community and campus.”

York Ace Hardware recognized as a top performing retail location

Ace Hardware Corporation is pleased to announce that York Ace Hardware achieved its highest level of recognition by earning the designation as a “Pinnacle Performance Retailing” store for its outstanding performance. Developed as part of Ace’s long-term retail growth strategy, 20/20 Vision, Pinnacle Performance Retailing is laser-focused on Ace’s customers. This helps to ensure that Ace stores deliver on its brand promise day in and day out.

For more than 95 years, Ace Hardware has been serving its neighbors with helpful service and quality products. With more than 5,200 stores in approximately 70 countries, the team at York Ace is one of only a few hundred Ace retailers to achieve this prestigious Pinnacle status.

To achieve Pinnacle Performance Retailing, the team at York Ace successfully completed a number of key performance drivers that will help them provide a better overall shopping experience in their local community.

One example of a proven performance driver is “Helpful Certification,” the foundational element of Ace’s “Certified Ace Helpful” retail training curriculum. To become certified, Ace Hardware associates complete courses such as Helpful 101 and 201 and the store conducts a week-long team-based certification event.

“Achieving Pinnacle Performance Retailing is a tremendous accomplishment for an Ace store,” said John Tovar, Vice President, Retail Operations and New Business, Ace Hardware Corporation. “We’re pleased to recognize York Ace and its associates for their outstanding achievements, and proud to say they are a part of the Ace family.”

“The team at the store is incredibly pleased to have earned the status as a Pinnacle Performance Retailing store,” said owner Blake Burgess . “What this means for our customers is that we are more committed than ever to providing our loyal shoppers with the best possible retail experience; from customer service to product offerings and more, we’re taking ‘Ace helpful’ to a new level.”

Nebraska’s leading holistic cancer recovery program offered at FCH

Fillmore County Hospital is offering the state’s leading research-based Holistic Wellness Program to men and women treated for any type of cancer.

Like cardiac rehab offered to heart attack survivors, the free program uses proven strategies to help cancer patients recover, rebuild health, reduce stress, boost hope and manage fear of recurrence. Created more than a decade ago by A Time to Heal Foundation, this mind-body-spirit model empowers participants to make personal choices enabling them to live well, with or after cancer.

“During cancer treatment, people see their doctors and nurses regularly, but it’s often a time of high anxiety when treatment is over and survivors are left on their own. This program supports them and provides the tools they need to shape their ‘new normal,’” said Dr. Stephanie Koraleski, ATTH board president and co-founder.

Led by expert presenters, small groups meet once a week for 12 weeks, receiving information and materials related to nutrition, regaining strength, coping, relationships, happiness and mental attitude. Participants have the opportunity to discuss experiences with other survivors.

“People who have information, who make healthy choices, and who feel able to make a difference can create their best lives possible after cancer,” said Dr. Kay Ryan, ATTH co-founder and cancer survivor.

The program will be offered starting Monday, September 9th from 6:30p-8:30p every Monday for 12 weeks. Interested cancer survivors are encouraged to contact Sue Keenan at Fillmore County Hospital’s Specialty Clinic at (402) 759-4924.

What the Heck: Have you ever gone in and watched a movie and walked out shaking your head saying to yourself…What in the heck did I just see? I did that this past weekend. I’m not going to mention the name of the movie because I’ve talked to some people and they thought it was great. I wasn’t one of them.

The overall theme of the movie turned out to be a love story. You know, man knows woman, has known her for the past 20 years or so, didn’t figure it out until it was almost too late until BOOM… it hits him. I love this woman.

The way they got there had too many unexplained pieces and parts, stuff that came out of left field and stuff that just didn’t make any sense.

I can safely say that I won’t be watching this one again.

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