YORK -- Thirteen 4-H members participated in the 2019 York County 4-H Public Speaking Contest, held on April 15, at the 4-H Building on the York County Fairgrounds. Youth, ages 5 to 18, have an opportunity to participate in the 4-H Public Speaking program from county to state levels. 4-H members in five divisions, Clover Kid (5 to 7 years of age), Novice (first-year competitors), Junior (8 to 10 years of age) Intermediate (11 to 13 years of age) and Senior (14 to 18 years of age) were required to prepare an original speech about 4-H.

In the Public Service Announcement category, 4-H members in each age division were required to write a 60 second radio spot using the theme: Inspire Kids To Do.

Results in each division:

Clover Kid Speech Division: Theodore Kavan; Bennett Perdue; Joel Schneider; Molly Schneider and Elijah Wollenburg.

Junior Speech Division: Annah Perdue – Purple, Champion; Harley Hedrick – Purple, Res Champion; Bridget Kavan – Purple; Emma Hall – Blue.

Intermediate Speech Division: Grace Regier – Purple, Champion; Bailey Hall – Blue, Res. Champion; Hannah Doremus – Blue; Dakota Wollenburg – Blue.

PSA Division: Bridget Kavan, Purple, Champion.

The top youth in the Junior and Senior Speech and PSA divisions will represent York County at the Southeast Regional Contest May 16, 2019 at the Animal Science Building at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s East Campus. Representing York County in Speech is Hannah Doremus, Bailey Hall, Harley Hedrick, Bridget Kavan, Annah Perdue, and Grace Regier. Advancing in PSA is Bridget Kavan.

Former 4-H members have said that participation in the 4-H Public Speaking program has helped them develop skills that have benefited them in high school, college and on the job. By learning how to present a speech youth develop organizational skills, as well as, communication skills. Being able to present your ideas effectively helps build confidence.

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