Carrie Colburn

Carrie Colburn

Q: What is your profession?

A: Publisher of the York News-Times.

Q: How long have you been a TeamMates mentor? How many mentees have you mentored?

A: I have been with my current mentee for going on five years. Prior to this I had been a mentor to four other mentees between both the York and Grand Island TeamMates chapters.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your mentee?

A: I love sitting down each week and chatting about her life. Having been together for five years now it is really fun to see how her interests have evolved and her future plan is coming into place!

Q: What do you and your mentee do in your time together?

A: We talk about life, movies, books and play cards.

Q: How do you find time to schedule a visit with your mentee every week?

A: I try to do the same day every week so we both have it planned in our schedules but that varies as needed. It works really well though to know for the most part what day is our TeamMates day.

Q: Kaleigh, what do you like most about spending time with your mentor, Carrie?

A: There are many things about spending time with Carrie that I like. She is constantly pushing me to do anything I want to do, she’s like my cheerleader. I love that I can tell her absolutely anything and there’s zero judgment and she’s always there to give me advice and/or relate with me. Carrie is so beyond sweet and caring. I could never pick just one thing I like most about our time together, because I enjoy everything any time we spend together.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a TeamMates mentor, please go to for more information.

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