I have tried to stay away from Husker football in my columns and for the most part with the exception of a few comments on Twitter I have been able to keep my trap shut in the social media.

I have watched most of the games and will admit that at halftime of a few of those games I found something else to do.

The Huskers have teased us with great play on the field at times and then there are those other times when you have to scratch your head and wonder what were they thinking?

First and foremost I remain a believer in Scott Frost and he will eventually get this program turned in the right direction. It’s not going to happen overnight and we may be still looking at one more rebuilding year before things turn.

When Frost came aboard two-years ago and a lot of people saw what he did at Central Florida, a lot of Husker fans figured he would come in as the savior and do the same at Nebraska.

With Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos extending Frosts contract I feel that he was right on in his timing. The losses on the football field continue to pile up and the fan base is showing more and more impatience in how this season is playing out. Moos showed confidence and now we have to do the same.

The American Athletic Conference is not the BIG 10 and if you were one of those that thought Frost could come in and take the BIG 10 by storm, you were wrong.

It’s going to eventually happen; it’s going to take time and patience and unfortunately a lot of Nebraska fans struggle with that word.

As I watched the Huskers and the Badgers last week I saw a lot of energy; a lot of emotion and a lot of pride. I also saw a lot of missed tackles and a lot of fixable mistakes.

It’s easy to sit on the couch and be a coach- I have found myself doing that at times.

It’s also easy to blame the coaches and all they do is give the kids the skills; teach them the X’s and O’s and try to help them not only manage being a football player, but a student as well.

Sometimes we have to take a step back and remember that some of these players are 18-19 years old. If I remember back to that time of my life I’m sure there was times that I couldn’t manage a thought much less play football and work on a college education.

It’s going to take time, belief in the staff and a lot of patience and a lot of deep breaths.

State Football

By the time this hits the newsstands one of the seven state football championships will have been decided.

McCool Junction and Harvard will have settled the Class D6 title at Cope Stadium at UNK in Kearney on Friday night.

Last Friday I made the trip to Cody, Nebraska to watch the Mustangs and Cody-Kilgore Cowboys. What a great following from the McCool Junction fans. I even saw the Exeter-Milligan bus which made me stop and think for a few seconds.

On Monday the Osceola/High Plains Stormdogs take on the Burwell Longhorns in the Class D1 State Title game at Memorial Stadium at 10:15 a.m.

It is a busy time of year and with two teams having made their way to state football title games it has even been a little bit busier than usual.

Next week we wrap up the team pictures and the football season, the following week we follow the bouncing ball and the wrestlers.

Have a great weekend and be safe in your travels.


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