On Thursday night at Lincoln East High School Exeter-Milligan took on Riverside in the first game and in the second game it was Loomis against Osmond. By the end of the first quarter you were lucky to find a place to sit. First of all that’s just a credit to how well smaller schools follow their teams to state, but at the same time fans should not have to be packed in like sardines to watch and cheer on your team.

I also attended a Class C-1 game at Devaney between North Bend Central and Adams Central and arrived at the start of the fourth quarter of the first game featuring Milford and Ogallala. While the place was fairly packed, there were still plenty of places to sit and enjoy the game without having to practically sit on someone’s lap.

Are the high school venues just not able to hold the large crowds who are flocking to Lincoln to see their favorite teams play?

I also heard of a lot of grumbling coming from fans who attended games at Lincoln Northeast High School as well.

These are both nice schools, but it’s not fair to these fans who have to pack into gyms with seating that just cannot accommodate the number people who are traveling to Lincoln to watch basketball games and enjoy their time cheering on their teams.

I noticed there were some fans from teams who came back so they could watch teams they don’t normally get to see play.

That’s just adds to the congestion of trying to get fans from four teams into the school during the session their team is playing.

Both Devaney and Pinnacle Bank can accommodate fans from all teams with no problems.

You would have to add a day to the tournament, but maybe there needs to be consideration of playing all games at Pinnacle and Devaney.

You could rotate year to year which classes play on Wednesday and sit Thursday so it’s not always the same teams.

Maybe this is not even an issue, but there was sure a lot grumbling on Thursday night.

Shot Clock- A few times at the state tournament on Thursday I heard of mention from fans, “this is where we need the shot clock.”

My opinion and I know it doesn’t mean much is pretty straight forward.

There are strategies to every sport.

In baseball teams use the shift and sometimes you can’t tell if the third baseman is in the outfield or you might be asking yourself, why is the shortstop playing on the right field side of second base?

In basketball some teams foul and send the other teams to the free throw line trying to extend the game and give themselves more possessions. It is a strategy.

Stalling or taking the air out of the ball is a strategy to keep the ball away from the opposition.

A shot clock would eliminate possibly both of the strategies I mentioned above related to basketball.

So I say no to the shot clock.

But remember it’s just my opinion.

Well as I sit here my phone just went off again indicating we are in for some more winter weather on Saturday.

So if you are traveling to the games in Lincoln on Saturday, drive safe and have a great weekend.

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