I consider myself to be a pretty safe driver.

Now that I say that I have probably jinxed myself, but I wanted to get something off my chest that has really started to concern me, thus the title of SLOW DOWN YOU IDIOT! Being in sports we have to travel quite a bit to get to where we need to be.

On Thursday night I decided to take the interstate to Hampton, because of the road construction on HWY 34. I had heard some horror stories of 30-45 minutes waits due to the construction and I didn’t want to take a chance on being late to cover the Hampton volleyball triangular.

For the past several months I have been saying that traveling on the interstate has become more and more dangerous every time I have to travel on it.

During my short 20 minute drive to Hampton on Thursday night I figure that I was nearly involved in two or three accidents because of drivers who are unable to obey the speed limit laws and those who feel they have to cut you off to get around you at all cost!

I can see why some people have road rage.

There was one driver who was tailgating so bad and so close that I was sure he would hit me.

Once I got around the semi, I tried to get over into the right lane, but he came flying around me, barely clearing the semi on the right side, cutting me off and nearly taking out the backside of my car.

As he drove by I noticed a toddler in the back seat who was just looking out the window.

As the guy went by he flipped me off and continued on his merry way at about 90-miles per hour. Why he flipped me off, I guess I wasn’t driving dangerously enough for him.


Again before arriving at my turn I had another vehicle cut in front of me and another semi because he couldn’t wait to get around me. I saw him in rear view mirror and he was covering a lot of ground. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid clipping him. There couldn’t have been more than 25-feet in between myself and the semi-trailer when the idiot tested his fate.

I was about 1 ½ miles from my turn into Hampton when I saw the first car with the toddler pulled over on the side of the road by the state patrol. I couldn’t resist laughing at him when I went by.


I would say the average speed traveled by those on the interstate is about 85 miles per hour. I guess I don’t know how the state patrol decides who to stop, because he could easily ticket 70 percent of those traveling on the interstate.

I think in the future, I will be avoiding I-80, because there is just too many people out there right now who just feel that can’t slow down and wait and tempt fate every time they get behind the wheel.

My daughter had been in an accident a few months ago just west of York on I-80.

I shared my thoughts about traveling on the interstate with the officer who was investigating and he agreed with me that things have gotten to be pretty bad.

SLOW DOWN YOU IDIOT! - It’s better to get to where you are going in one piece instead of being transported in a body bag! Start thinking about the other drivers, not just yourself!

A lot of sports on tap the next several weeks, so not traveling for me is not an option. However not using the interstate is an option that I will probably use.

Have a great weekend and if you have to travel be safe and watch out for your own safety for the other guys on the road!

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