Well, they are back.

Who you ask? The hillbilly Bigfoot hunting team of Trapper, Willie, Huckleberry, Buck, Wild Bill and Jeff- also referred to as the AIMS Team, (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings). The fourth season of Mountain Monsters premiered on Wednesday night on the Travel Chanel after Destination America had dropped them from their TV schedule following the third season.

Season three had ended with a cliffhanger as Buck was being chased or haunted by some little girl in the Black Forest and the rest of the team was being harassed by another team who seemed to know every move the AIMS Team was making.

I just happened to be flipping through the channels on Tuesday night when I saw in the corner a countdown box and as I read what it was for I just about couldn’t believe it.

I love the show Mountain Monsters.

Now that it is back I will be glued to the television every Wednesday night to see what adventure the group is up to next.

These guys get a little worked up when they are hunting Bigfoots and sometimes they might let gun safety slip through the cracks. I am really surprised that one of them hasn’t shot one of his buddies the way they wave those guns around and run through the woods. They are all hillbillies so they are not too athletically inclined, especially running in boots and coveralls.

Buck has kind of assumed charge of the group since Trappers part of the show due to health issues has relegated him to no more than a consultant. But make no mistake the man’s mind is as healthy as anyone’s on the show and he is still the brains of the group!

I am fascinated with the whole Bigfoot question in the first place so this show just kind of keeps it all going.

Until someone actually proves or disproves that one actually exists, I’ll just keep enjoying the AIMS team’s adventures as they hunt down the legendary monsters in the Appalachian Mountains.

New NSSA Media Rule

While learning about Mountain Monsters coming back to TV, I also learned that starting this season while covering NSAA softball games, the media will not be allowed to take photos from the field in live-ball areas.

This will limit the quality of photos if this rule is enforced by umpires and the home team at some venues.

I like to get behind the home run fence, take a little bit more lens and shoot from there anyway, which is still doable.

However, not all fields are set up that way and other than shooting through a chain link fence for photos, not many, if any other options at all are available.

Oh well, I guess you win some (Mountain Monsters) and you lose some (new rules).

I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you have to be on the road, be safe in your travels.

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