We are just a few weeks away from the most exciting two weeks in high school sports, the Nebraska State Girls and Boys Basketball Tournament in Lincoln.

Also our annual twitter fest about the subdistrict pairings and why they are all wrong, district play and how it should be changed as well as the introduction of the shot clock to the high school game. Just wait, someone will bring that topic to the forefront as well.

Is there anything else out there we should be talking about or chopping up that I have missed?

Bob Stoops, former Oklahoma head football coach and now Dallas Renegades head coach in the XFL, once made a statement along the lines when talking about the college football playoffs, (before they were introduced) that someone a lot smarter than me needs to figure that out.

Well Bob I don’t think they have gotten it right yet. And it is not rocket science when it comes to how it should be done to make it a fair process.

It’s kind of what we have been facing the last several years when it comes to the Nebraska High School post-season play and how teams are selected for their subdistricts before the start of the year.

How would it work out if we placed college teams in the Regionals before the start of the season?

First of all you run the risk of picking teams who shouldn’t even be there as well as having some regions that our loaded with stud teams and others who are weak. Sound familiar?

It would seem to me that we want the final four to have the best four teams playing for the National Championship and the same at the high school level.

The excuses that I have heard range from the amount of travel that some teams would be faced with on a school night as well as the risk of Nebraska winter weather throwing a monkey wrench into things when excessive travel is necessary.

I get the safety of the teams should be taken into consideration and I am all for that.

But if we really want to do it right, and this is all I am going to say, the regular season should count for something and those teams who have been successful during the regular season should be rewarded.

February is a tease, March can be a lion and April could be a mess.

So far this has been a very mild winter overall.

But we all know that when living in Nebraska or any other Midwestern state there is no guarantee when it comes to the weather this time of the year.

By now I have usually gotten down my golf clubs, but not so this year. There has not been a day even close to being able to go outside and chip or work on the swing.

Sure February is going to tease with a few days of warm weather before it comes to an end, in March who knows what the weather will bring and if March turns out to be cold and a snowmaking month, then April could just be a mess with all the melting and water standing everywhere.

It is exactly 35-days till the start of the Spring Sports season. During that time we still have district and state wrestling/both subdistricts and districts for girls and boys as well as state girls and boys basketball tournaments the first two weeks of March.

A lot going on this weekend, so if you have to be travel, be SAFE and have a great weekend.

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