Since last October and in the early spring not only have myself and my wife been living in our home, but my son and daughter and their two better-halves as well as my grandson Braxton.

Last week they all moved out to their own homes, so for now anyway we have our house back. I also forgot to mention that on top of all those people we had two more dogs living with us as well.

Now that they are gone our dog and cat have even breathed a deep sigh of relief and seem to be a lot more stable mentally.

Now with less traffic and more time to relax, the last several days have been pretty golden.

I do miss Braxton and his antics, but never realized until they were gone just how cramped it was with all of us there.

I may even get out to my garage in the next few days and clean that up.

I was in there the other day and didn’t even recognize it. We had so much stored in there and the dogs were in there during the day, so needless to say it’s a mess. Not that kind of mess!

I saw my golf clubs lying up against the wall and they were covered in cobwebs since I had not been out since sometime in May.

I figured it was about time to get them cleaned up and stored for the winter, then I happened to turn on the golf channel and now I have this wild idea that I just might be able to get out to the course one last time before I have to call it quits for the season.

I don’t think it will happen, but I can dream.

I am just enjoying the sweet sounds of nothing when I get home and the silence is golden.

Being Prepared

As the fall sports season dwindles down to its final days, it is important that when I leave for work in the morning I am aware of the ever-changing weather patterns in the state of Nebraska.

On Wednesday I was under the impression that it would be a lot warmer than it turned out to be while attending the Class C-3 Softball District at Fairbury.

It was a good thing I happened to toss my sweatshirt in the back seat, because while it says it was 60 degrees, the brisk wind was cool and it didn’t feel anywhere near 60 degrees.

I guess I had better be better prepared.

Husker Football

What is wrong with our place kicker?

I haven’t heard a whole lot about Barret Pickering and what kind of injury he has.

Did he slip in the tub, stub his toe on the coffee table, what is his ailment?

All I’ve really seen it’s a hip/leg injury. How did it occur?

It seems like they are keeping it a secret and this is very important information that they can’t afford for it to get out.

I can’t take many more games coming down to a field goal to determine a win or a loss.

There has to be someone going to the University that can kick a football.

Next Week

We have state golf on Monday and Tuesday, state softball is still alive if York can get past the Lady Orange today and next Thursday and Friday the Dukes will be after a Class B State title in tennis.

On top of all that we have Central Conference Volleyball Tournament and District Cross Country on Thursday and on Saturday York High School will host the first round of the Crossroads Conference Volleyball tournament and throw in nine football games on Friday.

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