Two Saturdays ago, I did the thing.

Marriage. I married my best friend and love of my life, Casey. Usually, I try to keep these columns sports-related, but I thought this one should be about the biggest event in my life to date. Let me tell you guys: planning a wedding during a global pandemic wasn’t ideal (to be honest, I barely planned anything because Casey’s awesome at the whole planning thing and I’m, well, a guy).

Determining how many people were allowed to be in the venue we used in my hometown of Howells was a nightmare. It seemed like we never got a straight answer from anyone. We actually sent invites out, then had to send what amounted to “sorry, but you can’t come anymore” cards later. That aspect of the whole process was embarrassing and a headache.

Thankfully, the restrictions were loosened though. We were able to invite more family and close friends. In the end, our wedding turned out better than we ever thought it would. Folks came up to us during the reception to tell us how fun it was. It was a regular and normal wedding, which was all we ever wanted.

Now, to be honest, the wedding we envisioned involved a honeymoon to Jamaica. That trip was ultimately axed – however I think we’ll still end up going later in the year, we don’t know yet – but Casey and I still had thee best three-day stretch last week when we got an Airbnb next to a lake in beautiful Keystone, Colorado.

Our backup Colorado honeymoon vacation was incredible. We traded the sandy beaches and ocean for snow-tipped mountains and rocky trails, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

During the days, we went on hikes and walked around the gorgeous Dillon Reservoir. We tried out local restaurants every time we were hungry. We took videos with our cell phones when a bear cub was digging through trash bins (I’m serious, that happened). During the late afternoons and evenings, we drove the 20-ish minutes through the winding roads to Breckenridge, where we walked around the packed tourist area filled with little shops and restaurants.

I know that when one thinks of Breckenridge, snow and skiing comes to mind. That’s all well and good, but dang it, Breck is pretty sweet in June, too. It won’t be the last time Casey and I head West, and when we do again, I’m bringing a mountain bike.

Walking those trails and looking at those sweet mountains made me want to ride a bike on them. Simple as that.

I hope everyone has a nice Friday. See you next week.

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