I don’t get many nights off from work, so when I do I like to enjoy myself.

And let me tell ya, on Monday night, I enjoyed myself. I had the big screen on ESPN and was intrigued by the Florida State-Duke matchup. Not because of Duke, but because of the Seminoles. A little background for you: when I know I’m going to have a night to myself, I like to look at the schedule of college or NBA games to see what catches my eye.

And after looking at Florida State’s roster, I was all in on that game.

First of all, the Seminoles are HUGE. That’s the biggest thing I noticed. Take a visit to the school’s official page online and you’ll see the team has 18 players on the roster, and 14 of them are 6-foot-5 or taller. Let me repeat that for those of you who didn’t catch that: fourteen of them are over 6-5. That’s impressive recruiting from head coach Leonard Hamilton.

The point guard, Trent Forrest, is 6-4 and a very sturdy 210 pounds. He almost pulled off a unique triple double against Duke with 18 points, eight steals and nine rebounds. Keep in mind that Forrest was Florida State’s point guy and did the majority of the ball handling.

The Seminoles’ leading scorer on the season, sophomore Devin Vassell, is 6-6 and 180 pounds. The dude is just a long human being. A friend I was texting with during the game said he looks like a Daddy Long Legs spider. I agreed – it’s quite the accurate description.

Raiquan Gray may have been my favorite, though. The sophomore reminded me of a mini Zion Williamson out there. Gray stands 6-8 and a healthy-looking 260 pounds. The guy could move! I wonder what he’d be like on the football field.

Although my man Forrest was the one carrying the Seminoles to the near upset, the ESPN broadcast kept mentioning Patrick Williams as the player with the most potential. He didn’t really show it against Duke that night, but you could see why they kept saying it. Williams is a 6-8, 225-pound freshman from Charlotte with a handle and a bit of shot-making ability. I’ve gotta think he’s a future NBA guy, a player that coaches drool over because of his 3-and-D potential.

Florida State is 83rd in the country in scoring offense at 75.1 points per game, but I really like this team because of all the length it has for defense. All those guys that played Monday night can switch 1-4 – hardly anyone in the country can match the size, strength and skill level of Duke big Vernon Carey, so I’ll give the Seminoles a pass this time – and you can tell this group gets after it.

Florida State held a Duke team that averaged 83.1 points entering the game to just 70 on Monday. The Seminoles can defend. They say defense travels. Will it travel to the Final Four and beyond?

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