I know it’s all over and done with, but just the same; Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year to every one of you.

And now, on the sports scene…well, truth to tell there isn’t much sports scene just now. The Dukes of the hardcourt returned to action last Friday and Saturday in the holiday tournament at Humphrey St. Francis, but thanks to Ken and Steve you know all about that. York was the largest school in the four-team, two-day tourney, but the Dukes dared not rest easy. Some of these small schools can flat play (says a former small school Genoa Oriole).

The other side of the event featured Wynot, and of course the always-tough host Flyers.

Girls coach Matt Kern told me this was the first time York has not hosted its own holiday tournament in something more than 20 years.

In other news of note, if you are interested enough in sports to have read down this far you almost certainly know all about the Husker men losing by a point at home to North Dakota in roundball. What do you think about that? Kind of a shocker, huh?

Great to see freshman Brady Danielson from York drain a three on the highlight reel for the Fighting Hawks, though, wasn’t it? Dang straight it was!

The reality is Nebraska men’s basketball and football have been safe from no one for a while now. What was it, Incarnate Word that beat us in our own gym a few seasons back? And that’s not the only shocking defeat by these two programs. Not by a far shot.

I think highly of our coaches in both NU sports and have made a conscious decision not to grind my few remaining teeth about current and past failings. In the alternative I am taking a longer, more hopeful perspective.

Time will tell, but here’s my gut feeling: If Fred and Scott can’t eventually get it done, probably nobody else can either.

But all that is the future. What awaits over the immediate horizon, however, is more certain. Once the classrooms refill next Monday the area sports scene will shoot from zero to 100 mph in the blink of an eye.

Count on it, prepare for it and get out there. No reason not to because, as you and I well know, there ain’t doodly-squat to do in the dead of winter on our mind-numbing ocean of frozen corn stubble anyway.

But wait! Turns out it’s you who are trapped here this winter, not me. I’ve blundered into a winter alternative that does not include the perpetual lifeless gray of Nebraska in wintertime. It’s exciting and also a bit frightening to be honest, but not that frightening.

Tell you what, we’re out of space for today so let’s chat about that Saturday on Page 4.

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