It’s down to the final month of this old man’s great sports adventure in Wyoming.

How has it gone so far? Just fine and thanks so much for asking. Sports has occupied more of my 30 years in print journalism than any other single aspect of coverage, however it was just one piece of a multi-tasking pie the past decade and a half at the News-Times.

Not so now. Not so at all. Since coming back to the Powell Tribune where I have served as a tourniquet since the first weekend in January, I’ve been fed a full plate of all sports, all the time as I hold my fingers in the dike until a ‘real’ sports guy can get here from Australia.

But here’s just the thing; all these games and meets have made less wear and tear on these seven decades worth of old bones than I expected and nearly everyone else predicted.

Sitting through every second of eight basketball games in a single week between the Powell Panthers and the Northwest College Trappers sounds daunting, especially with a spritz of wrestling on top, but to tell you the truth it really hasn’t been that big a deal. After all, what else is there for me to do here except soak up the glorious sun and probe the labyrinth of nearby mountains and canyons in quest for photos of breathtaking scenics, bighorn sheep, elk, deer, moose, bison, frozen waterfalls and whatever other marvels reveal themselves.

As an aside though, I wish the YNT could cover York College the way this paper does for our Trappers but, alas, it cannot happen in the ‘show me the money’ mercenary corporate newspaper world in which the good folks at the News-Times and the World-Herald and the Journal Star and virtually all big business-owned print papers find themselves pilloried.

The ‘suits upstream’ will never pay for adequate staff in York to do such a wonderful thing as give the Panthers their due.

The Powell Tribune, on the other hand, lies entirely in the hands of the Bonner family and the marvelous crew it has assembled. They take care of their folks and their readers which is obvious in many ways great and small. Covering the local college is but one example among many.

The Trib cranks out two papers a week compared to the YNT’s five, yet the Bonners dig into their pocketbooks to maintain a newsroom filled with twice as many local journalists as York.

This makes me sad. Annoyed too, of course, but on the other hand I am monumentally grateful to this wonderful Wyoming family and other owners like them who refuses to yield.

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