The verdict is far from in the books on this year’s version of the Husker football team, but I don’t think the jury will be out much longer.

So far the Huskers have beaten two teams they absolutely should have manhandled and one they sure could have in the Colorado Buffaloes.

There are aspects of this squad that inspire hope if not confidence, but there remains an aura of sketchiness hanging over the program as the Huskers visit Illinois and coach Lovie Smith this Saturday evening.

Smith hasn’t had a whole lot of success in his three or four years at Illinois and you wouldn’t think NU would have too tall a task this week, but before you bask in the warm glow of supreme confidence as game time approaches, permit me to remind you this remains a returning 4-8 team until it’s not.

Let’s think outwardly positive about a victory over the Illini (a nail-biter is fine as long as our Huskers get the ‘W’). What is to be our reward, win or lose, this week? Well, we’ll earn a visit from the Ohio State Buckeyes the following Saturday night.

I stand as four-square behind the Huskers as the next child of the 60s, but Ole Mose advises you to keep your money in your pocket and your mouth shut on this OSU clash.

Of course there will be much more to play for after the next two games even should the Huskers lose either or both, but it will be nice to take the temperature of the 2019 Frost and Martinez Show this Saturday and next.

This week your shuffling former sports guy is back in the saddle. Part way back at least.

On another topic, YNT sports editor Ken Kush is taking a well-deserved week off to poke about in Yellowstone territory. He asked if I could help Steve Marik by covering some events in his absence. I said “Sure. You betcha.”

I am going to do it but there may be cause for concern because clearly I have fallen out of the rhythm of sports coverage. So if you notice a few flakes of rust on my stories and photos this week that’s going to be why.

Hey, how about that Husker volleyball team? Not a senior on the roster yet they still work themselves to No. 1 in the nation. I scratch these words out Wednesday afternoon excited for tonight’s home match against former No. 1 and presently No. 2-ranked Stanford.

Yes, these are the same Cardinal who snatched the national title away from last year’s Huskers by three skinny little points in game five.

So by the time you read this Thursday morning we’ll have some useful indicators on John Cook’s Blockshirts. It will take a bit longer to pick up the scent of what the future holds for the ladies’ Blackshirt counterparts.

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