YORK – Whether it be on a volleyball court, a football field or a basketball court, there is something about growing up in Nebraska and wanting to be a part of Big Red athletics when it’s time to move to the next level.

Last Wednesday, York senior Reed Malleck signed his letter of intent to join Nebraska head golf coach Mark Hankins and a growing list of top-notch golfers making their way to Lincoln.

Malleck had a big list of offers from all over the country, but when Nebraska offered, the deal was done.

“When they offered me the opportunity I was more than pretty excited. I thought about it for a little while because there were other schools and stuff, but in my heart I knew that this is where I wanted to go,” Malleck said. “That, and combined with the facilities they have down there, it was a great decision for me.”

Malleck said he wants to get better, and he felt Nebraska was the place he could make that happen.

“When I went down for my visit, I thought it was a place where I could get better and that’s my goal. That’s what I was looking for the most and that was a place I could develop as a player the most and I could achieve my highest potential and hopefully someday go and play professionally,” Malleck said. “And other than that being from Nebraska I have always dreamed about playing for Nebraska.”

Malleck will major in finance at Nebraska.

Dan Malleck, Reed’s dad and golf coach at York, said Reed was anxious to get the process over with.

“It seemed that there were a lot of schools that he had been in contact with in and out. I’ll just say there was Grand Canyon, he had been in Colorado, Wisconsin early, he visited South Dakota State, he visited South Dakota, Creighton, he visited Nebraska, and once Nebraska offered I think that was it,” Malleck said. “Houston was actually going to fly him down there and he cancelled that because he knew this is where he wanted to go. Being a Nebraska kid he feels strongly that the coaching staff there can really put Nebraska golf on the map and he wants to be a part of that.”

Over the summer of 2019 Malleck played golf all over the United States, including Trump International on the famed Blue Monster Course at Doral. He was in Colorado, Maine and played in high-level national tournaments, all of which should really have helped him for the next level.

His dad said that everything up to now doesn’t mean a whole lot, and now is when the work begins. Malleck was also quick to applaud the efforts of the Nebraska Youth Golf Association and what they do to promote the game.

“Honestly this doesn’t mean all that much because now is when the proving-himself really begins. You have 10 guys on a roster and you are trying to make the top five,” coach Malleck said. “First of all, the Nebraska Golf Association has really taken youth golf seriously and really prepared the kids for national tournaments, and the national tournaments have prepared him for this next chapter. It’s kind of ironic though that as much as he has traveled and played, that the thing that most of the colleges bought up was the 62 he shot here in his hometown. That’s the thing that they like the best because they talk about the self-belief, and it shows that you can do that, because most of us would turn that 62 into a 68 or a 70 really quick.”

Reed said that he is going to work hard because he wants to play right away.

“Like they said, they are not going to recruit anyone that they don’t think can play right away when they get there. Obviously I have to prove myself when I get there and earning that opportunity. I’m hoping to go in and play right away, but we will just have to wait and see if that is the way it goes or not,” Reed added. “It’s definitely been a stressful two months with this going on and school and everything else on top of it. I knew going into basketball season it would be kind of nice to just be able to play basketball and enjoy that going into golf season and not worrying about all of this. I knew that this was something I wanted to get out of the way.”

Coach Malleck said that his memories of Reed and himself on the golf course go back a long ways and he’s looking to more of those memories.

“For me, we have shared so many great memories on the course from the time he was 3 years old. He may not remember them, but I sure do. I’ve talked to him and told him that golf almost becomes a job now,” coach Malleck said. “They work out all the time and it’s hours and hours and hours. Regardless of how things go at the University, it’s exciting for him to play Big Ten golf.

“That’s a pretty cool opportunity. But my big thing for him is I want him to continue to love the game and for him and I to have many more hours on the course together.”

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