Yup. I was back at the hospital last week.

It all started on Veterans Day. I slept great and didn’t feel any different, but then I couldn’t get out of bed. It took me 15 minutes to get out of bed…my legs just didn’t want to work. I managed to get cleaned up and headed out to work. I was there a whole 15 minutes when my two bosses suggested I go home immediately. I drove home and I still felt a little dizzy. When I collapsed into my coat rack, Bob said it was time to go to the emergency room. After getting me off the floor, we headed to the hospital.

We got to the emergency room and they did all sorts of tests on me and determined I had an infection…and not another stroke. I was grateful for that. The doctor explained to me that if it was an infection, then the antibiotics should clear it up. They wanted me to spend the night at the hospital so they could observe me for 24 hours. They gave me saline solution again and included an antibiotic in the solution. That seemed to clear everything up very quickly. When I was home I was drenched in sweat and I had a fever of 101 for a while.

I ended up staying an extra day to give all my meds time to do their magic. I didn’t want to stay another night, but I took the doctor’s advice and did. I first texted my bosses Betty and Karen to explain the situation, they didn’t hesitate a moment getting a substitute for me during my absence, told me to relax and get better soon. That was taken care of and I didn’t have any thing on my calendar that was urgent, so now I could relax. I got caught up on many episodes of Friends while at the hospital and I realized the only channel I couldn’t get was MeTV, so I missed my daily episodes of Charlie’s Angels, but that was OK.

I spent a lot of time with my nurses, who were very patient with me. I had a male nurse, Mike, who was as good as they come. Everyone was nice to me and took great care of me. I am very grateful for that care. This year we decided to not hold our annual Christmas Eve Dinner at the senior center. We are disappointed not to do it, but with my health kind of iffy now, we chose not to have it this year…we are very sorry. We hope to bring it back next year or do something for the community — stay tuned.

There are many people to thank for my care; instead of listing you all, I will simply do a blanket thank you to everyone at the hospital. We in York are very lucky to have a group of very dedicated people to take care of us. I don’t have insurance so things get very expensive, but luckily I have family who are supporting me on this effort. Everyone from the doctors to the cleaning staff couldn’t have been nicer. I took several walks during my stay, and during those times I talked to many people working. Again, everyone was so nice.

I feel much better now. I took a day off to relax a bit before going back to work. Everyone there was so thoughtful and nice to me. Special thanks to Karen, Carol, Flo and Phyllis for taking care of things when I was gone and especially Betty for helping me out. I really work with some fantastic ladies. Also the staff at York Middle School has been very nice to me, and even the kids at the Middle School were very nice to me.

One of the side effects of my stroke (and the many medications I am on) is I cry at the drop of a dime and it stops just as quick as it begins. That should explain things if you see me bawling my eyes out and then laughing the next minute. My apologies. People I’ve run into around town who have heard about me going back to the hospital are very nice as well. The one person who had seen it all and gone through my wild mood swings is Bob. Thank you for putting up with me and being insistent that I go to the hospital. You’ll never know much I appreciate it.

I did let my brother and sister know about my situation but I hesitated to call my mom. They checked on me a lot during my stay and my sister especially has been so nice to me. My mom heard about it and has called every day to see how I was doing. I didn’t want to worry her, but I’m glad she initiated the call. She has been wonderful during this time and she has helped financially more that I could ever repay her.

I wanted to include that the senior center will have their annual chili feed this Thursday during the Holiday Kick Off festivities. I hope you get a chance to stop there after all the activities that evening. I hope you will help the Chamber of Commerce kick off the holiday season. Personally, I’m just glad I am still around for it!

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