The coronavirus pandemic affects everyone. Whatever we can do in the next few weeks will make a huge difference.

As you might have guessed, the coronavirus has hit the travel and entertainment industry hard.

Right now there are a lot of unknowns and more questions than answers. We know it will take a while to get through this and we’re working everyday with the tour companies, theatres and other entertainment venues as things develop and change.

The Fun Club has been fielding a lot of calls about specific activities. Please be assured that our traveler’s health and safety are of utmost importance. We are very supportive of the recommendations of the President’s Task Force to curb the spread of the virus and very aware that what we all do in the next 15 days will make a difference in how long this lasts.

Following is information on some of our scheduled activities:

• March 15, “The Sunshine Boys” at Lincoln Community Playhouse - Even though the show went on as scheduled, the Playhouse graciously refunded our ticket price. Theatres usually don’t refund unless they are the ones to cancel a show, so we are very grateful. We were able to cancel the restaurant and will get a refund from the bus company. We will refund Fun Club travelers who were registered for this event.

• March 21, “Hairspray” musical at Grand Island Northwest High School - Northwest has cancelled their shows for this week but they hope to reschedule later this spring. Because of this, they have not refunded the ticket price. We have cancelled the motorcoach and the restaurant and will wait for more information from Northwest before issuing refunds.

• March 24, “The Lettermen” at the Merryman Center in Kearney - The Merryman has rescheduled this performance for Wednesday, June 17. We will move our reservation to that date and reschedule the motorcoach and restaurant. If things have not straightened out by June 17, this activity will be revisited. If you have a reservation and are unable to go on the new date, please contact us.

• April 7, Harrah’s Casino - This event is three weeks away and a decision will be made later.

• April 16, “The Lion King” at the Orpheum - The Orpheum has suspended all performances through March 31. Refunds for the cancelled shows are available. They have been scrambling to reschedule shows if possible. We’ve been asked to be patient while they make decisions and arrangements for their April activities, including Lion King.

• April 23, “Beautiful - The Carole King Musical” at the Lincoln Lied Center - The Lied has also been frantically working to reschedule coming performances. As of Tuesday, they were not yet working on “Beautiful” as there are a number of scheduled shows prior to that one. We’ll let you know at a later date if this one will be cancelled or postponed. If you have not yet sent payment, you may delay until we have more information.

• April 28 - May 1 - “Fun Club Mystery Trip” - Because some of the venues we had scheduled have closed temporarily, we have canceled this four-day tour and will reschedule it at another time. Those registered will receive a refund and will be given first chance to re-book when new arrangements are made.

• June 3 - June 9 - “Iceland Explorer” - Those registered for the Iceland tour have been contacted with the options which include: 1) going with the tour as scheduled, 2) moving to a September date, 3) canceling the trip with reimbursement as listed in the brochure or 4) cancelling the June trip and getting a credit towards a future Premier World Discovery tour. Please contact the Fun Club to discuss the best option for you. Right now, the June trip is still on the schedule.

Fun Club Office

You are probably already aware the News-Times doors will be locked in the days ahead, and this affects the Fun Club. We’ll be working, but you won’t be able to walk-in without an appointment. If you want to drop off a payment, please use the dropbox to the left of the front door. If you want to visit, please call to make an appointment. If you want a brochure, check the website at www.yorkfunclub.com or call 402-745-6477 and we’ll send one to you.

We hope everyone will join us in doing whatever we can to limit social contact and slow or stop this virus as soon as we can.

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